Give time - gather joy!

I've always wanted to tell you that...

I've always wanted to tell you that...

Often daily responsibilities do not leave us with time for the simple gestures that can make the difference in someone else's life

Everyday we receive mountains of messages and emails related to our professions but when was the last time you penned two lines by hand to express your gratitude, your admiration, your  affection or esteem for a loved one?  When was the last time you received a personal, handwritten letter?  How long has it been since you wrote someone to simply say, "I appreciate you"?

Do we still know the emotions of joy that receiving an envelope with a handwritten address can stir in us?  We would like to bring this joy back to life by dedicating a few minutes of our precious time to sow small signs of esteem towards those women who we admire and to whom we want to give a small gift.


Join us and participate in the ‘Give time - gather joy’ initiative by downloading a personalised letter template here to get started.


Here's how it works:

Choose a person to whom you would like to communicate something (admiration, enthusiasm, …) or to whom you would simply like to say, "Hello".  Use the “Give time - gather joy” letter template to to create a handwritten note and send it by post to the person of your choice.  The initiative begins in January 2019 and ends on December 31, 2019.  Our goal consists in giving moments of joy during the year.


The “Give time - gather joy" initiative is sponsored by the Committees for the promotion of female entrepreneurship in the Chambers of Commerce and Economy of Bolzano and Trento. Starts January 2019 for one year long.

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